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DFP Package Options

DFP Package Options




Membership The website can be viewed by anyone on the internet, but there can be sections meant for residents only, and this can be controlled with the membership system.  The sign-up process can be custom designed and controlled from the website.  Email address can be verified by the system. Yes Yes
Profiles Users can control how much of their information is shown to other users, even their emails address can be kept private without affecting access or activity on the site. Yes Yes
Controllable Access With the membership system, users can be assigned access levels. With these levels, site administrator can control who has access to every page. Yes Yes
Message Board The Message Board is the heart of the site, providing a place for all users to communicate with each other, openly or privately. Yes Yes
Subscriptions Users have the option of subscribing to a thread.  When they subscribe, the website will email them whenever a new comment has been posted to the thread. Yes Yes
Searchable Messages can be searched on by keyword or user. Yes Yes
Private Messaging Users can send messages to each other without having to give out email addresses, or keep up with other people’s email addresses.  The website will email the user when they have a private message. Yes Yes
Daily Digest Messages, Calendar Entries, Private Messages option to be sent daily No Yes
Contact Us Can be customized with different contacts. Yes Yes
Downloads Common forms, newsletters, etc. can be made available on the site for downloading. Yes Yes
Calendar Dates can be added and edited easily in the calendar, access can be given to multiple users to keep it current and updated. Yes Yes
Neighborhood Club An easy way to email the entire membership. Yes Yes
Opinion Polls A fun thing, neat way to find out public opinion on whatever. Yes Yes
Media Center An area on the site for pictures, documents, video clips, etc. which can easily be organized into albums. No Yes
After Hours Theme No Yes
Admin Section    
CMS package, user administration Yes Yes
Traffic reporting No Yes
Email Accounts (additional 10 - $5/mo) 5 Unlimited
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) - per year $65 $65
Domain Name Registration/Auto Renewal - per year $20 $20
Custom Pages (any type of content page) 5 10
Price (discounts available in multiply months) $30/mo $30/mo
Setup fee $350 $650

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